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All your audio & video surveillance necessities are catered for by the Pakatak range of products: included in the product range are various spy camera and hidden camera devices. I recommend anybody with an looking for spy cameras and or surveillnace devices to browse the Pakatak website.

August 7, 2009

I had wanted a covert cameras with built-in recorder for a while, particularly the chewing gum camera and spent some time investigating the item. The chewing gum camera captures video and audio footage on to a micro SD memory card and as the name suggests is a unit approximately the size and shape of a packet of chewing gum. It was not long before I found a seller, a company called Pakatak. Pakatak have an intriguing site full of up-to-date surveillance technology and gizmos. They sell a extensive range of spy cameras and surveillance goods with sufficient variety to keep even the most discerning among us interested. What’s more, they are a lot less expensive than most of the competition, so I made a decision to buy the camera from them. I gave Pakatak a call prior to making the pruchase firstly, to check a few product particulars and secondly, to make sure they responded to phone calls always handy if you have trouble with it or want technical help after you buy it. The call was answered by Alan who was very curteous and answered my questions efficiently. The camera only took a day to arrive and the build-quality of the product and video and audio recording quality outstripped my expectations.