Saronen, Sroneng, Madura, Madurese Shriek

loud, and shrill sound, which is the only instrument that plays the melody in this ensemble. The other instruments, although tuned instruments, have the function of creating a melodic frame, and in addition the kendang a membranophonecomplements the melody with its attractive rhythmic patterns. The musicians dance while playing their instruments. Saronen is uniquely performed and used in a social event called Sapi Sono and Karapan Sapi only in Madura island, part of East Java province, Indonesia.

Saronen has been considered by people as well as non-Madura Madura, as Madura’s unique instrument. Instrument which also name has an orchestra as this instrument name which uses the instrument as a tool. Actual instrument is also found in other areas, such as Pasundan Sundanese and Sumatra. It is considered as characteristic of Madurese culture perhaps because always accompany Kerapan Sapi Bull Race event that important in the formation of the image outside the island of Madura itself.

Hobo type of musical instrument actually comes from the Middle East. In the area he originally known as the party name, among other Surnai, Sirnai, Sarune, Shanai, and so forth. However, the name commonly used in East Java and Madura is selompret, sompret or serompet, saronen, sroneng or serunen.


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