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Saronen, Sroneng, Madura, Madurese Shriek

August 29, 2009

loud, and shrill sound, which is the only instrument that plays the melody in this ensemble. The other instruments, although tuned instruments, have the function of creating a melodic frame, and in addition the kendang a membranophonecomplements the melody with its attractive rhythmic patterns. The musicians dance while playing their instruments. Saronen is uniquely performed and used in a social event called Sapi Sono and Karapan Sapi only in Madura island, part of East Java province, Indonesia.

Saronen has been considered by people as well as non-Madura Madura, as Madura’s unique instrument. Instrument which also name has an orchestra as this instrument name which uses the instrument as a tool. Actual instrument is also found in other areas, such as Pasundan Sundanese and Sumatra. It is considered as characteristic of Madurese culture perhaps because always accompany Kerapan Sapi Bull Race event that important in the formation of the image outside the island of Madura itself.

Hobo type of musical instrument actually comes from the Middle East. In the area he originally known as the party name, among other Surnai, Sirnai, Sarune, Shanai, and so forth. However, the name commonly used in East Java and Madura is selompret, sompret or serompet, saronen, sroneng or serunen.

Vibram Five Fingers – Hot Summer Gear

August 12, 2009

Remember going barefoot as a child ? Barefoot it’s the way you first discovered and conquered your world-without the constraint of shoes. Or the sense of duty you acquired later on.

Now you can experience that same physical and visceral sensation in Vibram FiveFingers-the only footwear to offer the exhilarating joy of going barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole.

Vibram Five Finger footwear connects you to the earth and your surroundings in a way that is simply not possible in conventional shoes. It puts you in touch with the earth beneath your feet and liberates you to move in a more natural, healthy way. FiveFingers stimulate the muscles in your feet and lower legs to build strength and improve range of motion.

We recommend wearing Vibram Five Finger for exercise, play, and for fun. Stimulating the muscles in your feet and lower legs will not only make you stronger and healthier, it improves your balance, agility and proprioception.

TIME Magazine named Vibram FiveFingers one of Best Inventions of 2007.

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August 7, 2009

I had wanted a covert cameras with built-in recorder for a while, particularly the chewing gum camera and spent some time investigating the item. The chewing gum camera captures video and audio footage on to a micro SD memory card and as the name suggests is a unit approximately the size and shape of a packet of chewing gum. It was not long before I found a seller, a company called Pakatak. Pakatak have an intriguing site full of up-to-date surveillance technology and gizmos. They sell a extensive range of spy cameras and surveillance goods with sufficient variety to keep even the most discerning among us interested. What’s more, they are a lot less expensive than most of the competition, so I made a decision to buy the camera from them. I gave Pakatak a call prior to making the pruchase firstly, to check a few product particulars and secondly, to make sure they responded to phone calls always handy if you have trouble with it or want technical help after you buy it. The call was answered by Alan who was very curteous and answered my questions efficiently. The camera only took a day to arrive and the build-quality of the product and video and audio recording quality outstripped my expectations.

provide you all around the laser eye treatment information

August 6, 2009

What Can Laser Eye Treatment Do For Your

Laser eye treatment is directly a well-recognized operation and as we see continuing technological development and treatments of this type are more widely accepted, so ever more people are turning over to laser eye surgery as an alternative to eyeglasses or contact lenses. The success of this laser eye treatment is dependent upon the precision of the process and its ability to remove weave down to billionths of an inch. The fact that laser eye treatment is very risk-free, painless and leaves patients with better eye sights than prior to the surgery assures it’s the most preferred all over the world.
Laser eye treatment is gaining popularity – and for good reason. With all the advantages and Health profits that come with having laser surgery, the procedure can raise extremely precious for some people. Laser eye treatment can permanently correct short vision myopia, long sight hyperopia and astigmatism uneven focusing power, so that patients no longer need eyeglasses or contact lenses, or perhaps just need glasses occasionally. Moreover, many people find a sensation of relief at not having to deal with the annoyance of blurred eyeglasses, the inconvenience of having to clean and maintain contact lenses, or the risk of infection associated with contacts. Being able to see clearly without the function of glasses or contact lenses implies you can better partake in certain activities such as contact sports, swimming and diving. Many people also sense more confident about themselves and their appearance adopting laser eye treatment because they’re not required to wear glasses anymore, while others – especially those who wear thick eyeglasses – feel satisfied at not having to carry the weight of lenses over the bridge of the nose. Laser eye treatment is fast and relatively unpainful – so you can make life-changing results in a short time period, and with virtually no irritation. There is no need for a long-term hospital stay, and your eyes will heal rapidly after the procedure. Best of all, the results of laser eye surgery are fast, so you can enjoy the benefits of your treatment instantly. If you consider laser eye treatment might be for you, or if you have questions considering treatment suitableness, ask with a trustworthy optician. Having laser eye treatment is a life-changing decision, so it’s essential to have all your questions answered by an expert. If cost is an issue preventing you from enquiring about laser eye treatment, keep in mind that many optical surgeons offer payment programs for laser treatment – meaning you can pay over an extended time period, or pay for your treatment after a specified amount of time for example, a year following the procedure. It’s also worthwhile to remember that laser surgery will economize patient’s costs relating to new lenses, solutions, eye checks and other optical products and services in the long run. Before acquiring the first step in changing your life, speak with an optical surgeon about having laser eye treatment. It might be one of the greatest decisions you can take for yourself.

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